PREMIERE – Billy Bogus – Spiaggia Cannibale (Tagliabue Remix) (Pizzico Records)

Born and raised in Milan, Joseph Tagliabue beholds a multicultural reservoir from which he draws in order to combine Afro, Kraut and new electronic minimalism. His DJ sets are a journey from folk to new wave and slow rhythms with the added value of his trademark minimalism.

This time he is back by being part of a remix project for Pizzico Records label head, Billy Bogus for his last release “VHS Memories”. Tagliabue takes the responsibility to remix, Spiaggia Cannibale. A ghostly “allure” which turns the atmosphere in rhythms while deconstructing ideas and groove for a dark renewed vision of the three tracks by Bogus.
Keep your eyes open on Tagliabue!

Release Date: TBA