After 10 years of driving around the music blogosphere,  LAGASTA duo reintroduce themselves with a new five-original-track EP, entitled “Driving”, which marks the pair’s first release in four years since 2016 debut single “Roberto”.

In their own words….’Weʼve been working hard on some original tunes for a while now and it seems like the right time to start giving the final shape to all the tracks that were recorded these last years, and release some of them in a series of EPs in the following months, starting with this one which comes from our love to test drive music while we’re wandering on the road.’

The opening track “Basil” is made of abstract atmospheres and lost echoes wrapped around a monotonous loop. It could be the soundtrack of these isolation days, and at the same time the track of the first day after lockdown; you get the sense of having the same feelings, whether youʼre free to choose or not.

Release Date – 22/05/20

Grab your copy here