Agharo 12 – Mario Novak (Exilar ur ata Tairan)

The Agharo Mix Series

Agharo is a language, book, philosophy and tarot deck created by collective member Jaco Perroud. Each month we invite a guest to pick a card at random and create a mix inspired by its meaning.

Our 12th submission comes from Croatian artist and now Stockholm resident Mario Novak.



Born and raised in Zagreb, Croatia, he got his first 7-inch record from his mom by the age of 6. He started to rave and dance from 1998 and professionally been djing the last decade.

Known for holding the residency of few programs in Croatia (Breaking point, Technology, Cycle and Micro), he made his way into the underground scene in the city. In 2013, he launched his record store named Pitch Vinyl Shop specialized within the underground electronic dance music.

Later on, he moved to Stockholm where he started to play at spots such as F12 Terrassen, Laika, Bastun and Bronx and became resident DJ of “press.esc” open-air raves.

His musical style and knowledge are wide and big, as is his record collection that never lacks a story to tell. The aim for him is to always set a mood that the groove can follow. There is a lot more to say but let’s finish with his own words: ” words are fake only music matters”.

The Card
Guardian of Fire – Exilar ur ata Tairan

Destruction. Symbolized by flames devouring the roots of things. Feeling of the captured and the captive. Embracing the wold within one’s flame. Ageing without ageing. Loss of purity. Innocence lost. Fire consumes and seizes, ages and taints the purity of the living, along with the pain which was born from it. The second was Aerlet in Agharo, Guardian of Fire, who fought Naen Koll with mighty determination and is but the primaeval source of pain in the world, without which its opposite wouldn’t exist.

What was the thinking behind this mix?

Fire has the power to destroy or cleanse all that it touches. The essence of fire manifests in our lives beyond its physical expression. The etheric energy of fire permeates to our very centre. The illumination fire brings to the spirit, lights the paths within. Revelations are made that can lead to healing and transformation. Fire teaches us that these changes are a vital force in the evolution of the soul.