Tech Open Air Collaboration

On 12th July 2017, Sinchi is collaborating with Tech Open Air (TOA). TOA is Europe’s leading interdisciplinary technology festival running from the 11-14th July, 2017. There will be 20,000 attendees from around the world descending on Berlin for a program spanning the city. Including speakers, workshops, installations and satellite events. You can catch us at the mainevent for a talk about our projects on the same day.Hosted at IPSE, one of the city’s most popular outdoor venues, it is the perfect mid-summer spot to enjoy a drink, talk or dance the evening away, on the banks of the river Spree.

Join us ….connect with interesting, inspiring and likeminded people from around the world, enjoy a night of quality electronic music and performances. Inspired by the indigenous principles of community, connection and ceremony.

⌘ Entrance by donation at the door and all profits raised will be invested into Sinchi’s community projects. However, please make sure you RSVP: ⌘

⌘ Martha van Straaten

⌘ Ninze

⌘ Bonjour Ben

⌘ Hans (from Uschi&Hans)

⌘ Billion (Billy Caso & Leon Kostner)

⌘ Tonaparte & INTICHE

⌘ Synthi&Ouzo


On September 24th 2016, Sinchi launched the ‘Altered States’ festival in Amsterdam.

Altered States is a fully immersive event where modern and tribal culture connect. Since the birth of humanity; man has had an unquenchable thirst to express and connect to something deeper by going beyond the ego. From ancient ceremonies led by elders and shamans to modern day electronic music and festival culture.


The day program was open to all ages and free entry. I focused on our 2016 Discovery Project in Aboriginal Australia. The program showed the beauty and power of indigenous music, art, culture and why it is so important for us to listen and preserve such knowledge.


Room 1 was hosted by Sinchi Tribe members; BeatuniQue (Oase), Home in the Woods, Vreemde Vogels and its parade of dj’s, musicians, performers, vj’s and other kindred spirits. A modern day ceremony focused on the collective experience. This organic space took attendees on a journey of discovery through different times and places. An evening full of surprises led by world renowned artists and performers, playing together in a cosmic flow without boundaries.

Room 2 was hosted by Sinchi Tribe members and French / Dutch label: Night Noise. Whether it be dancing to the beat of a shamanic drum or to the beats of a dj in a darkened warehouse: our desire to deeply connect remains the same. The second room will be stripped down, with little distraction, enabling you to go deeper into yourself via hypnotic down tempo beats, dark disco to driving techno.

Feat DJ’s; Bonjour Ben, Uschi & Hans, SHMLSS, Jugurtha, Isis, Gemini Brothers, Daniel Zuur, Esta Polyesta, FLVN, Pin Up Club, 2CV, Forest of Heroes and Inphiknight.